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American Syllabus (2010-2011)


Dear Parents,

As the school starts its new academic year, we are also organizing worthwhile activities to make our students explore their physical, creative, social, and career interests with like-minded people.  Getting involved in new activities with new people is a fun way to challenge them. Trying something different may bring them in contact with students they didn't know who share their interests and curiosity. Participating in extracurricular activities helps them to be well-rounded and responsible.

We are organizing different clubs for our students and you can help them choose the club they want to be in. The main objective of our clubs is to ensure the students are engaged during the sessions, learning new skills and gaining the most they can from their experience. They are encouraged to fully interact, enabling them to feel an integral part of their chosen activity. Club sessions will be held every Thursday and will be on the 7th and 8th sessions.

Held by qualified advisers, we offer a full range of activities including: 

1.      Science Club                                        

The  primary objective is to get the students there and keep them excited about science. Activities are designed primarily to introduce students to interesting/exciting science ideas, like motors, circuits, rockets, etc. The secondary goal is to relate these ideas to science concepts from the classroom, as well as explain science topics.


2.      Math Club                             

The Math Club is a recognized student academic club with many social and educational activities aimed at anyone interested in mathematics or statistics. The members will learn techniques on solving math problems fast and easy. Also, to find a “real-world” application of mathematics in our school. Together with the Science Club, it also organizes quiz bee or competition to talented and interested students in Math and Science.

3.      Theatre Arts and Drama Club         

The club aims to develop self confidence through communication and interactions by expressing their feelings and emotions. The members will have an experience to act, sing and dance. The club also dreams to have a production number that showcases their talents.

4.      Qur’an Club                                          

According to our faith that all Muslims should learn to read and understand the holy Quran, we will try our best to learn our next generation  Qura’an and Tajweed.


5.      Journalism Club                                

The purpose of the Journalism Cub is to bring together students interested in journalism from all degree programs to discuss and research matters affecting our school.  The club will organize a school organ/journal which can be their vehicle to bring out in them their talents in forms of writing and photography.


6.      Scouting and Governors Club         

This club will be training our students to become responsible citizens of their generation.  By doing so, they will have responsibilities on how to become leaders or little law-enforcers that could foster discipline and leadership.


7.      Arts Club                   

Children who experiment with color, lines, clay, paints and other artistic medium are good candidates for arts clubs.  The club aims to discover the members’ talents in drawing, painting and sketching.  They will be given the chance to display their own art works in the Art Exhibit the club is planning to host during the school year.

8.      Home-Makers Club               

This club wishes to give your kids valuable lessons in cooking, baking, sewing, housecleaning and responsibility that they need now and later in life.  To become organize in what they are doing is the primary objective in this club.  They will find work enjoying and exciting one.

Attached herewith is the form which we you are requested to fill up as your child’s membership registration.  No matter what club they would belong, they will have precious experiences that will help them to improve themselves and discover who they really are during their school days. You can follow our activities on our school websites: and

Your full cooperation regarding this matter is highly expected and appreciated. 


IJPS School Administration\

American Syllabus\

Solafa Qandil